Bill lives in Myrtle Beach, SC soaking up the 60 miles of the Grand Strand where Vacationers and Locals inherit the beach lifestyle.  A Penn State Grad and businessman for many decades, chose Myrtle Beach for several reasons but first and foremost, THE BEACH.

He has been writing all his life either for business or for pleasure.  Bill is at that point in his life better known as bucket list moments and experiences.  With the love of the ocean, golf, good food, making new friends and following his passion to write, he goal is to find all that’s possible in Myrtle Beach and outside, everywhere tourists go.

His recently published his first novel “Limo Bill the Undercover Assassin” has sold well and showcases the many wild and crazy moments while driving a Limo in Myrtle Beach.  The main character in the book is a paid assassin with a cover job as a limo driver.  He uses fiction to keep people anonymous and the imagination to send Limo Bill to many adventures killing only “Bad People”.

As a travel writer, he has a desire to know and learn more about the many places that cater to business of all types.  Bill tries to find out what makes a business tick and why someone would use their services for everything travel and any business that reaches the public directly.

He vows to do his very best at bringing his writing to life and informing his readers to open their eyes to possibilities and reasons to vacation either to who he has written about or to find what your passion is when it comes time to pamper yourself.

Now you have a brief synopsis of who Bill is.  If you like how he reaches his readers, you or your business can contract his services or just leave a message on the contact page or call 843-446-6086.  If you have questions about Myrtle Beach or any article, please leave a comment on the contact page.


“Memories made on Vacation
Stay in Our Hearts Forever”