You plan your vacation at the beach so you really need to be on the beach.  Nothing like standing on your oceanfront balcony and soaking in the view with the ocean breeze whistling past your ears and your hair flowing back like in a super model shoot.

In the morning the picture perfect sunrise puts a smile on your face and not much else matters during your moment of internal happiness.  You are getting that little slice of heaven everyone wants when they take a vacation at the beach.

When you plan a vacation at the Grand Atlantic Resort every room is oceanfront and now your the smartest person around…



Why would anyone go to the beach and not experience it to its fullest.  It’s one time in your life you can do nothing and its totally acceptable.  Look around the beach.  Sunbathers are up and down the beach doing nothing but laying there soaking in the sun and ocean breeze and doing absolutely nothing.  How great is that?

My visit there was exactly what I needed.  Sun, sand and the sound of the ocean playing it’s part.  My big challenge was what to do first.  Body surf on the waves or lay out on the beach.  Perhaps sit pool side with my favorite drink of choice or flow with the lazy river.  A little time in the hot tub would sure be soothing.

Ahhh, what the heck I’ve got time to do it all.  No young ones around on this vacation but it’s good to know they have a fun pool for them too and they seem to love the lazy river and building sand castles on the beach.



The front desk personnel was so nice and helpful from the minute I checked in


I talked to many of the guests to get their opinions about their stay and like me, many had just arrived.  For me it was my first time but for several of them, this has become their home for a vacation destination.  They spoke highly of the staff and the cleanliness of the rooms which I did see first hand.

I asked them for recommendations of restaurants and fun places to go and they mentioned a host of possibilities for later in the day.  For now, I’m all about the beach so off I go.

They have a gift store and a ice cream and small restaurant on site.  Great for adult beverages and quick food.

I’m back to chill on the balcony and do some people watching

It’s is fun to see what people do on vacation at the beach.  Tents and umbrellas lined up and down the beach.  The popularity of corn hole toss is spreading like wild fire.  I’ve seen dozens of colleges and pro teams logos on them.  If you don’t know the game, here are some photos that may jog your memory.




Tossing of Frisbees, footballs, baseballs and games like volleyball, badminton, bocce ball and flying kites is done by many.  Some are just playing IT or tag.  People watching is a fun way to see things and still do nothing.  All ages are represented in the fun.   Oh, don’t forget the surfers, para-sailors, body surfers like me.

I’ll just sit here and sip on my cocktail.  When it’t time for the grandkids, there will be plenty to do with them.

All of Myrtle Beach is easy access from the Grand Atlantic Resort


Located on the south end of Myrtle Beach, you can go anywhere to eat, visit Broadway at the Beach (the mecca of venues with 120 stores, restaurants, night clubs, the Ripley’s Aquarium, Palace Theatre and Legends in Concert plus all the rides for kids). A short way north is the downtown Boardwalk with the infamous Skywheel.  If you like to fish or like eat on the water, Pier 14 and the 2nd Ave North Pier are nice places to go.  In Garden City there is the Garden City Pier.

North Myrtle Beach has plenty to do also with Barefoot Landing, home of the Alabama Theater, House of Blues many shops and great restaurants like Greg Norman’s, his only signature location in the world here in Myrtle Beach.  Shag dancing can be had at Main St. in North Myrtle at Fat Harold’s and Duck’s.

It you love seafood, many restaurants in Murrells Inlet about 15 minutes south of the Grand Atlantic Resort are known for their fresh catch cuisine.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the thousands of Harley Bikers who visit twice a year and frequent several of the bars in Murrells Inlet like the Beaver Bar and Suck Bang Blow who cater to them and it’s a blast.

It never hurts to ask the front desk if they have any special coupons.  You might be surprised.

The Grand Atlantic Resort is located at:

2007 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577      Website