3 11, 2016

The Grand Atlantic where every room is Oceanfront in Myrtle Beach

You plan your vacation at the beach so you really need to be on the beach.  Nothing like standing on your oceanfront balcony and soaking in the view with the ocean breeze whistling past your […]

7 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew leaves Florida Heading Up the Coast

First it left death and destruction in its rear view mirror hitting Cuba, devastating Haiti and the Bahamas and then took aim at Florida.  With over 800 deaths associated with the category 4 hurricane, Mathew […]

12 02, 2016

5 Travel Tips for the Casual Traveler

You may have a plan on how to pack your clothes, what to bring, what to wear, checklists to implement, and what to “Carry On” the plane, maps, discount coupons and much more….. This post […]