My Day in Review

Who made up this day?  Is it just another guilt trip in a relationship or an opportunity to be had?  After all, isn’t romance awesome?  I find Valentine’s Day to be exactly what a romantic like me makes can make a moment special.

The Romantic



There are so many forget me not holidays throughout the year.  There is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day to name a few.  Valentine’s Day is more about 2 people sharing a romantic moment.  In the name of love or whatever the relationship, this is a day with upside.

Whether it’s a significant other you want to impress or just to get that long kiss that says, “YES!   I’m yours.”  Personally I’m a hopeless romantic.  I love the endorphins that flow when you can make the other person smile.  Hey, I’m a guy and its one day I get to pamper my date without life’s distractions.

The List

valentines candy roses

So here it goes.  A list of what can be done on Valentine’s Day to make it special.

  • Get Chocolate in a heart shaped box
  • Get Balloons either heart shaped or round with hearts on it
  • Getting Flowers
  • Get a Reservation at a nice Restaurant
  • Set a date to revisit your beginnings as a couple
  • Candlelight ambiance
  • Spend a quiet time at home in each other’s arms
  • Find that Special Gift
  • A vacation getaway – the ultimate
  • Add your own here

It’s the one day I won’t hear don’t buy flowers because they’ll be dead shortly.  I’m on a diet.  Leave me alone, I’m busy or tired.  What works for your list is all about the 2 of you.


cian inside

I choose Ciao for my dimly lit special romantic dinner.  The service is always incredible.  The food is made from scratch and the wine selection is huge.  It’s not a very large Italian Restaurant but highlights the intimate setting.  Being a fan of Italian food, Ciao never disappoints.

Ciao is family owned and operated in Myrtle Beach.   I take my family here when they come to visit.  The locals keep a full house daily so definitely plan on reservations to get a seat.

The Food!

ciao lasagna

I have several entrees I indulge in but for tonight, I’m going with the Lasagna.  My date chose Shrimp Scampi.   The seafood entrees were a top choice among the patrons in the restaurant that evening as I looked around the dining room.  She chose a bottle of Chardonnay as we toasted our intimate moment.

As we sat there waiting on our dinner to arrive, we both admired the feel of Italy in the designs throughout Ciao and the plentiful wine racks.  It was a real feel moment simply adding to our romantic time together.

When the food arrived, I could tell by shape of her lips, she was pleased.  We’ve never been here together so I’m more than satisfied I made the right choice.  The staff refilled our wine glasses and visited us regularly to check in on us.

As we talked and reminisced about our past, the mood was special and lots of glasses were toasting everywhere.  If I owned a restaurant, Ciao would be my model.  Maybe it’s the Italian Cuisine, maybe it was the ambience, maybe it was Valentine’s Day, but seeing couples spending time together, not arguing but instead smiling, toasting and talking brought out the Incurable Romantic in me.

Then it came time for desert.  Her choice of Tiramisu and mine of Cannoli set an epic moment.  Each of us picked up our forks and took turns eating from each other’s plate.  That Tiramisu is so decadent!

After our wonderful meal and desert, I had the staff bring out the flowers I strategically left earlier in the day and talked with the staff for a moment and headed out.  Valentine Day memories like this stay forever.  Wherever our lives take us, we’ll always have a memory at Ciao’s.

In Summary

Being romantic doesn’t need a scheduled day to treat someone special.  However, it’s an opportunity to make it special and get romantic.  And of course, a visit to Ciao’s makes any meal romantic.  After all, feeling special is not overrated.