You may have a plan on how to pack your clothes, what to bring, what to wear, checklists to implement, and what to “Carry On” the plane, maps, discount coupons and much more….. This post is all about ways to help organize and travel with less stress.

Wrinkle Free Packing for Your Suitcase

A major issue to deal with is arriving with wrinkle free clothes. You really don’t want to iron when you get to your hotel so wouldn’t it be nice to take that off your plate. Check out this video to see just how that is accomplished.

Most travelers fold each piece of clothing one at a time. A little known secret is there is a more efficient way. We fold them, squish them and try to keep them as light as possible but all that pressure causes the clothes to rub up against each other by shifting from movement, weight and the many movements of your luggage from the car to check in, to the conveyor belt, loading your luggage on the plane, getting tossed around the cab until it reaches your hotel or wherever you are staying.

This method is known as bundling and it just might be your future method of packing. No doubt, less wrinkles and almost wrinkle free.

Travel Garment Folders and Packing Cubes

packing cubes

Using Travel Garment Folders and packing cubes are methods to use if you have a lot of button down shirts, suits, blouses and dresses. By using these items, you first must fold at the creases and pack them tight so they don’t slide at all during travel.

Again, it’s the sliding and rubbing up against each other where wrinkling can occur.
Keeping the pants and shirts that are normally wrinkle heavy items should be kept separate from wrinkle free clothing. It’s all about keeping clothing from sliding during travel.

Travel Tips for Long Flights

fanny pack minions

Here are a few tips on what not to wear on a long flight.

A fanny pack is not recommended ever. Most people put too much in their fanny pack and worse; is travelers tend to load it with valuable items like credit cards, cell phones, tickets, cash and other important information.

Security should trump potential issues. Don’t show potential thieves you’ve got all of your valuables around your waist — just ensure your pockets have zips, and wear your bag in front of you in crowded spaces, out of reach of pickpockets and snatch thieves. You are an easy mark for would be thieves.

Stay off a thief’s radar and don’t be a red flag to them.  Also, use your front pockets for your wallet, cash, keys and any other small valuables.  Most pick pocket pros go after the back pocket of jacket pockets where you are less likely to feel the pick pocketed actions.

Giant Sun Hats

floppy hat

Why you may ask? For starters, the pure bulkiness of a large hat is a nuisance to put on a plane. You can’t wear it so it must me stowed away. It can get crushed in the overhead compartment if there is room and also under the seat.

The fact of the matter is a 2-3 inch brim on a hat or visor provides just at much shade form the sun to protect your face. A baseball cap also works just fine.

Say NO to Appliances for Travel

travel iron

Don’t bring your travel iron or bulky hair dryers to pack in your luggage. It adds weight and can cause wrinkles to clothing in your bag. The good news for wrinkle free clothes, just follow the beginning of this post and more often than not this will be at a minimum.

Many hotels have an iron in the room and a hair dryer for your use. So avoid the risk of forgetting yours when you leave, and the frustration of lost luggage space.

In Summary
A little pre-planning and you can leave out the anxiety of how to pack and be wrinkle free.